Y’all, I did this super scary thing where I talked, unscripted, for half an hour about the intersections of fatphobia and transness, along with sharing SO many feelings that I have about body positivity.

I did this with the amazing Elizabeth Cooper, founder of the Queer Body Love Speaker Series! You can learn more about it by clicking this link right here.

Their introduction to my interview is super generous and makes me feel important! Check it out:
Sam Dylan Finch

More people have recommended Sam Dylan Finch as a speaker for this series than anyone else. He’s the most famous advocate for trans inclusivity within the body positive movement, and in this candid interview he shares about his own experience as a non-binary trans person who has both learned from and has critiques of the body positive movement. This topic of navigating a fatphobic, transphobic society is SO important and has something to contribute to us all.

Interview highlights:

  • Why “every body is a bikini body” body positive beach photoshoots are exclusive (and how to reframe such projects to be trans inclusive)
  • 2 impactful lessons Sam has learned from body positivity
  • Why Sam literally sits in front of a mirror staring at his body (this is a unique exercise I haven’t heard of before)
  • How to deprogram internalized voices of oppression
  • The difference between dysphoria and dysmorphia 
  • What it means for Sam to be a non-binary trans person & how this relates to his relationship to his body

I’m not sure if I’d call myself famous (read: I would not call myself famous), BUT OKAY ELIZABETH. I am flattered!

If you sign up on the website – which just involves sharing your email address – you’ll gain access not only to my interview, but to dozens of other interviews from queer folks and queer-competent clinicians, talking about the many complexities of queer body image!

And before you tell me, “Sam! You’re only saying this because they paid you,” umm, EXCUSE ME. I did this for free!

I did this because I genuinely believe these are some of the most important conversions to be having right now, in a society which tells transgender people in particular that they are inherently broken, and as fatphobia and gendered ideals fuel disordered eating in our community.

And if you’re not interested in watching my face make weird expressions while I talk about this, or if it’s simply not an accessible format for you, there’s also a transcript available so you can simply read what I (and all the other speakers!) had to say.

It’s rare that I put myself on video without a script to talk about these things, but this was a unique occasion in which I wanted to connect directly with folks who, like me, are trying to navigate body positivity – which is a profoundly cis-centric movement – while also being transgender or non-binary.

So really, go sign up! I promise it’s not a scam (well, if it is, we can be victims together, okay, because I totally signed up too). It’s just a bunch of queer people who want to talk about our bodies in a way that we seldom have the space to do.

And be sure to spread the word! I can think of countless queer and trans people who need access to these conversations. Let’s bring everyone to the table. Let’s support and uplift one another in our journeys toward self-acceptance.

See you there!




  1. I’m so excited to go watch this now! Body positivity and figuring out what’s dysphoria and what’s internalized fatphobia have been on my mind a LOT lately. In fact, I was just scrolling through this blog the other night to see if I could find any old posts that might help with that–so thank you/the universe for providing what I need, when I need it!

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  2. Congratulations, Sam. Body Positiveness is a challenge one way or another (too fat, too skinny, too old, bad hair, not to mention the visibly “incomplete” and so on, and on) for most people, but I had not thought about it in relation to Trans and Non-Binary folks. Well, except for your recent post on binding. Thank you.

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  3. Just wanted to come back and say that I really appreciated your insights, and have been enjoying the other videos as well! I hadn’t really considered the idea of asking what was healthiest for me to live with; I tend to just throw up my hands and sink into depression when it comes to the conflicts between my needs re: dysphoria and my fears about disordered eating and exercise. So yeah, that’s given me something to mull over… I’m also trying to learn to balance transition goals with loving my body as it is now. Tough, but starting to seem more possible? Thanks for being willing to make yourself vulnerable and share so much about your journey.

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  4. So excited to go watch/read this!! This is something I’ve been thinking about a lot as I struggle with dysphoria and whether to take the first step in physical transition and some of those highlights are exactly what I’ve been pondering. Your words on body positivity have been really important to me.
    Thank you!!

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