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Let’s Queer Things Up! is a personal blog exploring queer/trans identity, mental health, self-care, stigma, social impact, cats, and whatever else pops into my brain. By sharing my own experiences, I’m hoping to educate, empower, and (maybe?) make you feel a little less alone.

LQTU! was created back in July of 2014, and since then, it’s become a pretty special corner of the internet.

We’ve got readers in over 180 countries, and have amassed over 7 million (this still trips me up) page views. But more importantly, we’ve got a stellar community of readers who care an awful lot about making the world a little better.

Sometimes I’m jumping up and down on my soapbox with another political rant. Other times, I’m sharing my favorite mental health apps or reviewing books. 100% of the time, though, it’s unapologetically queer.

Let’s Queer Things Up! is a blog about living thoughtfully — whether it’s learning to support one another, or reflecting on how to better take care of ourselves.

You might be here for all of it, or maybe my life is just interesting to you. Either way, welcome aboard!

Here are some of the more popular articles on this blog, to give you a taste of what we’re doing here:

Who the heck is Sam Dylan Finch?

25158307_1956364077951550_7258876004670694111_nThat’s me, hi! I’m Sam Dylan.

I’m a 26-year-old writer and editor, living in the San Francisco Bay Area in sunny California. I like iced coffee, tattoos, emojis, self-help books, bodies of water, fall weather, androgynous fashion, and IKEA.

I’m an optimist helped along with antidepressants, a socially anxious extrovert, and a Scorpio/Leo rising/Gemini moon, if that means anything to you. 

I’m also transgender. I began my gender transition about six years ago (and started testosterone two years ago).

While I identify as a genderqueer gay boy, I have pretty mixed up feelings about the binary, and my sense of self is always shifting. But I happen to think that’s what makes gender pretty cool!

You’ll notice that I write about mental health, too. That’s because I live with obsessive-compulsive disorder and complex PTSD.

Suffice to say, I’m a lot of fun at parties.

(A little disclaimer: It’s good to mention here that you’ll hear me praising Zoloft and my therapist pretty often. That’s not, however, a blanket endorsement. Mental health care is complicated — and everyone should make the choices that best reflect their needs and unique situation. I still write about it, though, because navigating psychiatry is an important part of my journey and my health!)

However… I am just one voice among many in the queer community.


This is why I hope you’ll join us on Facebook as I amplify other essential LGBTQIA+ voices and organizations, deepening our understanding of the nuances and intersections that exist outside of my own experiences.

While this is my personal blog, I remain committed to partnering with other multiply-marginalized activists and communities to expand our conversations around these issues!

Feedback? Contact me – I don’t bite!