Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 9.51.16 PMHey, hello! My name is Sam Dylan Finch. I am a queer writer, editor, and activist based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

This is my blog (welcome!). It contains more feelings than I knew what to do with. I write what I know best: The ups and downs of living on the bipolar spectrum, my reflections as I navigate my identity as a transgender person, and a whole slew of feminist rants for good measure.

I’m a big believer in vulnerability and honesty. You’ll find a lot here of both. No fluff, no bullshit – just the really real accounts of my journey and what I’ve learned (or wish I’d learned) along the way.

Still curious? There’s more about me here. But if a fancy formal website isn’t your thing, you can always follow me on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. Let’s be friends!



Founded in July 2014, Let’s Queer Things Up! is a blog that explores a variety of queer and feminist topics – everything from mental health, to body image, to LGBTQIA+ rights.

Simply put, LQTU! is what happens when a millennial with a passion for oversharing gets hella political about it.

The blog has readers in over 180 countries worldwide (pretty wild, right?) and has amassed over 6 million views since its founding. It’s been featured on major platforms around the net, and continues to be one of the most widely read blogs on the intersections of mental illness and gender identity.