An Introduction: Ten Things About Sam

It feels a little bit redundant to introduce the blog when I already wrote an About Page, but I also feel weird diving head first into the blog without introducing it…?

So once you’ve read the About Page, which I’m sure you’re going to do since I linked it and all, you can read these ten facts about me. This will introduce you to me and then we can be friends. Or something.



1. I have only lived in California for a couple weeks. Literally. Two weeks. And it has been the most hectic and weird two weeks I’ve ever had. I actually went salsa dancing in a sex toy shop, which is not even the most unusual thing I’ve done in Oakland.

2. I am an atheist. I am also able to laugh, feel love, possess morals, and, to date, I have not murdered anyone.

3. I’m allergic to red wine. Wine tastings will never be the same. …Well, I’ve never actually been to a wine tasting, but if I went to one, it wouldn’t be the same.

4. I have a tattoo of a fox and THE FOX SAYS NOTHING OKAY STOP ASKING IT’S A TATTOO.

5. I have been engaged for almost two years and I still have no idea when we’re getting married.

6. I once jumped off some stairs while carrying a tray of shrimp and I cut my head open and then I healed my wounds like the cheerleader from Heroes.

7. I went through a phase as a teenager where the only band I listened to was Pearl Jam. It was a sad, angsty time.

8. I once won ten gallons of ice cream in a contest. They delivered it to my door with bowls and spoons and everything. Thanks, Eddy’s!

9. I’m pursuing my master’s degree in Creative Writing. So in three years, I will be a master of writing. Stay tuned.

10. I lived in an ecofeminist collective for a month where we shortened the word brilliant to “brill.” It was a sad, angsty time.


In conclusion, I lead an exciting life.