You Are Not a Burden, and 4 Other Things I Wish I’d Known About Mental Illness

Illustration by Jessica Krcmarik. This might as well be part two, because quite a while back, I wrote a pretty exhaustive list of things that newly-diagnosed folks with bipolar might want to know. This might just be an ongoing series where readers have the privilege of learning from my mistakes, because I’ve made more than [...]

7 Ways to Lovingly Support Your Gender Non-Binary Partner

This is a piece I posted over at Everyday Feminism that I wanted to cross-post here. This advice, while geared towards romantic partners, can more generally be applied to anyone who has a gender non-binary person in their life. --- I still remember the moment I came out as genderqueer to my then-partner. I was [...]

8 Tips on Respectfully Talking Pleasure, Sex, and Bodies With Your Trans Lover

Content warning: slurs This piece is one I wrote originally for Everyday Feminism, cross-posted with permission. Because I feel conversations about sex and consent are so important, especially when they pertain to less visible identities, I'm sharing it here as well. I hope this is useful information for readers, regardless of their gender identity or [...]