Did you know that LQTU! is not a solo operation? It’s true! In addition to Sam doing the writing, we also have an amazing crew of editors, moderators, and illustrators that do amazing work for us.

Here is where you can learn a little about us:



ANNAFIRSTAnna is an aspiring writer and activist currently living in Michigan. They spend the majority of their time reading, but can also be found frowning at the weather. Their focus is currently in gender and queer studies, as well as racial inequality. Anna is a grammar enthusiast and a firm believer in the oxford comma. They have three cats, a ferret, and a really cool roommate. Their blog, Queer Androids, can be found here.




JESSICAJessica Krcmarik is a Detroit illustrator who lives in East English Village with her boyfriend and lots of mid-century modern furniture. Currently, she really wants a dog to keep her company when she photographs handmade signs around the city. Jessica is a cofounding member of Riopelle Collective, a seven person art space in Eastern Market, and a 2014 Knight Arts grant recipient. She posts an egregious amount of sketches on both Instagram and her blog. Her portfolio can be viewed here.



rayBay Area newbie Ray Finch is an aspiring film editor who is pissed off by injustice and oppression. Ze spends hir time reading endless feminist/queer/anti-racist articles, drinking ginger tea, and squeeing over tiny, fluffy animals. Ray’s role at LQTU! involves tech support and troubleshooting WordPress when it’s being frustrating; hir side role involves being in love with LQTU!’s founder, Sam (no, really, they’re engaged). Finally, because double-majoring in Anthropology and Women’s and Gender Studies wasn’t enough for hir, ze plans to get an MFA in Film… eventually.



ianIan is a wonderful editor at LQTU! who has neglected to turn in his bio, so one is being written for him. Ian became an editor at Let’s Queer Things Up! when we realized he was reading every article, offering feedback, and not being given any kudos for his editing skills — thus, his position at LQTU was born. Ian’s hobbies include being amazing, looking amazing, and doing amazing things. Also riding his bike, leading a queer book club, and teaching Latin. He enjoys eating dried coconut strips and will accept donations in the form of coconut. So here are your kudos, Ian! Turn in your bio sometime. Until then, everyone, here’s an adorable picture of Ian’s face.



sambioSam Dylan Finch is a freelance writer, activist, and blogger, living and learning in the San Francisco Bay Area. He is the founder of Let’s Queer Things Up!, the website you are currently enjoying. His writing has been featured at Freshly Pressed, The Body Is Not An Apology, and Everyday Feminism, among others, and has readers in over 180 countries around the world. These things make him sound important, but he actually spends most of his time in his pajamas, eating take out and staring at his computer screen. You can learn more about him at samdylanfinch.com.



To the readers, who constantly challenge us to do better — you deserve a round of applause.

We love you. We think you’re great. Don’t stop being fabulous.

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