What You’re Actually Saying When You Ignore Someone’s Gender Pronouns

It can't be emphasized enough: Coming out as transgender or any variation thereof is downright terrifying. It is often met with criticism, resistance, and invalidation. When I came out to friends, it felt like the world was crashing down all around me. And by far, the worst part was the resistance I faced when asking [...]

10 Things That “Hella” Surprised Me About the SF Bay

Having been born and raised in a quiet, Midwestern suburb, I should have known that the Bay would be a whole different animal. I'm not sure what I was expecting, but California is not, in any way, remotely similar to Michigan. For laughs, I figured I'd share some of the ridiculous, more trivial things that [...]

No, Depression is Not a Fucking Superpower

Trigger Warning: Depression, bipolar, suicide. Struggling with bipolar disorder throughout my life, I've heard a lot of misconceptions about bipolar and similarly, about depression. One of the prevailing and problematic narratives I've heard is that depression is a gift -- that it makes us more creative, more insightful, more deep, and brings us closer to [...]