My partner, who had waited for years to start testosterone as part of their transition, had exhausted nearly every option before finally turning to Planned Parenthood to start HRT.

Planned Parenthood had long been our provider of choice for many health care services because, as a low-income transgender couple, we needed care that was both affordable and queer-friendly.

The image features a pink sticker that says "Planned Parenthood" stuck to the sidewalk.
We need to stop pretending that this issue doesn’t affect us.

Planned Parenthood made us feel safe and respected, in contrast to the misgendering, interrogating of our identities, and ridiculing by nurses and doctors who didn’t understand what it meant to be trans, let alone how to treat trans patients.

They modeled for us what respectful, competent healthcare looks like when dealing with queer populations.

Planned Parenthood stood by us, and when we were ready, they were there for my partner to start their medical transition when everyone else shut the door in our face.

LGBTQ media has been notably silent when it comes to the attacks on sexual/reproductive healthcare and in particular, on Planned Parenthood. They assume, wrongfully so, that this isn’t a queer issue.

They seem to ignore that when you defund Planned Parenthood, you are denying access to important resources that queer folks rely on each and every day.

It’s the hormones that will save a trans person’s life; it’s the HIV test and the support that helps a queer youth; it’s the exam that detects cancer before it takes a life; it’s the miscarriage care that helps a lesbian couple when their world is turned upside-down; it’s the preventative vaccine that protects us down the road; it’s the LGBT youth group that helps queer teens feel less alone.

It’s care that we might not otherwise have access to because of socio-economic barriers. It’s care that my partner and I have relied on for years because Planned Parenthood was the only place we felt safe and, often times, the only place we could go.

Planned Parenthood stands with queer folks every day, and gives them a safe space to get the necessary support that they need to live healthy, fulfilling lives. So why aren’t we standing with them?

It’s horrifying that so many LGBTQ media platforms have had plenty of time to publish (multiple!) articles on Kim Davis but can’t seem to write a single word on Planned Parenthood, despite there being so much more at stake.

It’s disappointing that countless queer folks remain silent while our elected officials try to pull funding from an organization that supports us, as if this doesn’t affect us or our community.

And I’m frustrated by this idea that the attacks on Planned Parenthood are exclusively a “cis women’s issue,” as if queer folks of every stripe aren’t impacted when you strip us of the resources that we rely on for our sexual and/or reproductive health.

I’m proud of the folks who have openly and unapologetically stated their support. But they are too few and far between.

Our considerable silence on this issue is not just hurting Planned Parenthood. It’s hurting ourselves, our families, and our community.

It’s time for all of us to stand with Planned Parenthood. Because even if you haven’t stepped foot in one of their clinics, I can promise you that you know a queer person who has.

Visit Planned Parenthood Action to learn more and find out how you can help.





  1. Yes, we’ve got a hell of a fight on our hands. I worked and volunteered at PPA (Planned Parenthood of America) for years, before branching out into directing a multidisciplinary center for youth ages 12-24, providing many services including health care to street kids, free of charge. PPA saved my life when I was a struggling street kid myself. At this point in time, one of the many ironies of the “religious” right’s assault against PPA is that I doubt that most of them know anything about the huge contribution to the well-being of LGBTQ people that PPA makes. If they did, unfortunately, it would add fuel to their ungodly fire. Good grief, the mere fact that PPA provides essential services to us LGBTQ folks, people who by THEIR definition do things that are forbidden by THEIR idea of “christianity,” might outage them to the point where abortion (done at only a handful of PPA branches) would be completely overshadowed!

    We are fighting for basic constitutional rights here. These hypocrites are taking the words of our constitution and twisting them to suit their own twisted agenda.

    The ratio of lives that PPA literally SAVES to embryos (sorry, religious right, I will not call them “lives”) that are destroyed is so enormous that I can’t even hold the number of zeros after the point in my head. Like, 0.000000….000001. On that order. I think it would, in fact, be possible to collect and publish that data.

    Thanks for this post! –Laura

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  2. Reblogged this on Fairy JerBear's Queer/Trans News, Views & More From The City Different – Santa Fe, NM and commented:
    I couldn’t agree more. I worked with Planned Parenthood numerous times when I was HIV/STD coordinator for a state health department and they do wonderful work. During the ’90s my then spouse worked for Planned Parenthood. I remember the fear when I found some crazed anti-choice nut shot up a clinic and I knew Greg had gone to the area. Thankfully he was at a different facility but I was terrified for a bit. I went with him to the memorial service for the employees who didn’t make it. I will never forget this as long as I live!

    I has my own share of run-insurance with anti-choice, anti-sex ed types in my time providing classes for high schools. They have no shame and even tried to edit in aborted fetus pictures into a video of a presentation I did for a school committee considering using our program,

    So, yes I stand with Planned Parenthood and any other clinic providing women’s health services (decoy anti-choice “clinics” not included).


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