VIDEO: “Spectacle of Mental Illness” Article, Animated!

Artist Chara Bui has created an animated version of the article, “Amanda Bynes, Robin Williams, and the Spectacle of Mental Illness.”

We are so excited to share it with all of you! Check it out:

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3 thoughts on “VIDEO: “Spectacle of Mental Illness” Article, Animated!

  1. traci says:

    Thanks for putting this out there to be seen. It is sad that too many people are making fun of her instead of helpng her.


  2. Serins says:

    Thank you for sharing. Mental Health should really not be a form of entertainment! Seriously sometimes I wonder what our world has become! Depression is not a joke and people who have not suffered need to start practicing compassion.


  3. dbp49 says:

    Well done. If even one person gets the very important message that the two of you now are putting out there then a great thing has occurred. And that great thing grows exponentially with every other person that gets it. It may not be my place to say so, but if it was, I wouldn’t hesitate to tell you each just how proud I am of both of you. Hmm, seems like I said it anyway.


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